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100% Chardonnay

9 months long ageing in vats

Beautiful fruity notes for this Chardonnay, crispy and greedy attack.  White fruits, white flowers too and a nice full-rounded mouth.

Perfect for your aperitifs with salty meals like fine delicatessens or sea food. A thirst wine !

Cellaring potential : 3 years.



100% Chardonnay

9 months long ageing in vats and old casks

Light and subtle hazelnut notes, delicate attack and a nice length on the palate for this Elegante which deserves its name. The limestone in our soils brings nice saline aromas at the end of the mouth. 

Perfect with subtle dishes like delicate fish and  scallops.


Cellaring potential : 5 years.

La Voluptueuse


100% Chardonnay

12 months long ageing in old and new casks

Butter and brioche flavours at first nose, a brillant golden yellow, sign of a rich and concentrated wine. La Voluptueuse is well balanced between woody delicate notes and grapefruit freshness. In the mouth it is complex and powerfull.

A good match with chicken, creamy dishes, fish in sauce, or risotto with mushrooms.

Cellaring potential : 7 years.

En Merlutte

Sold out 


100% Chardonnay

9 months long ageing in old casks (350L)

A fruity nose where aromas of peach, apple, pear and elderflower blend together. The attack is supple and open on the fruit. Discreet notes of honey give a silky texture to this wine, which is enhanced by a slightly acidic finish.

A wine to match with vegetable-based dishes, white meats, and slightly spiced dishes in sauce.


Cellaring potential : 7 years.

Pinot Noir


100% Pinot Noir

6 months ageing in vats

A lot of red fruits in this cuvee of Pinot Noir, which is fresh, greedy and very easy to drink. The nose reveals blackcurrant and raspberry notes ... in the mouth this wine is silky, fresh and smooth.

Perfect for your aperitif, to match with a delicatessen plate, oeufs en meurette or summer grilled meat.

Cellaring potential : 5 years.



100% Pinot Noir

12 monts long ageing in old casks

Nice purple color and shades of garnet for this hand picked Pinot Noir from Irancy. The nose offers a beautifull aromatic range of red fruits: redcurrant, cherry, blackcurrant. The mouth is greedy and silky and expresses cherry notes. No strong tannins for this Pinot Noir but a long lasting mouth with peppery and spicy notes.

To match with a tasty grilled piece of "Charolais" meat, or a french cheese.


Cellaring potential : 10 years.

de Bourgogne


80% Chardonnay - 20% Pinot Noir

18 months ageing

Fine and elegante bubbles, nice roundness in mouth thanks to the Chardonnay and delicate notes of white flowers. This Cremant is brut and made in the traditional method.

Perfect for you festive events, for aperitifs, for fish and shellfish based starters and also red fruit desserts. 

Cellaring potential : 3 years.


de Bourgogne


Chardonnay - Marc de Bourgogne

36 months ageing in old casks

This Ratafia is a blending of Chardonnay grape juice and Marc de Bourgogne storaged in oak casks during 36 months. It is in the same time round, sweet and powerfull. 

As an aperitif like in Bourgogne it can also be nice with desserts : tartes tatins (apple pie), Servi à l'apéritif en Bourgogne, il accompagne également vos desserts : tartes tatins, nuts pudding or warm chocolate cake.


Cellar potential : 20 years.

Marc de Bourgogne


Marcs de Pinot Noir

Elevage en fûts anciens - 10 ans

Made from the distillation of Pinot Noir grape marc, this Marc 2011 has been aged for 10 years in our cellars. It is brut de fûts, which means that no sugar or colouring agent has been added before bottling.  

Its aromas are powerful with notes of leather and tobacco.

Cellaring potential : 20 years.

​​A selection of wines from elsewhere

The frost of 2021 swept away our harvest. To make up for the small quantities of the vintage we have developed a range of wines that we have carefully selected: Vins de France Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, as well as a Moulin à Vent that reminds Sophie's origins in Beaujolais.

Chardonnay 2021 


100 % Chardonnay 

9 months long ageing in vats

Beautiful fruity aromas for this Chardonnay with a greedy attack. Delicate aromas of white fruits and a nice roundness in the mouth. 

Perfect match with an aperitif and with savoury dishes such as charcuterie or seafood. An easy-drinking wine.

Cellaring potential : 2 years.

Pinot Noir 2023 


100 % Pinot Noir

9 months long ageing in vats

A light and refreshing Pinot Noir wine full of red fruit aromas. pleasurable wine, fresh and silky, which will easily finish the bottle!


Perfect as an aperitif for those who prefer red wine, with a plate of charcuterie and even ... with fish!

Cellaring potential : 2 years.

Moulin à Vent 2021

BEAUJOLAIS - AOC Moulin à Vent 

100% Gamay

12 months long ageing in old casks

The fruit is certainly there for this pretty Gamay which recalls Sophie's origins! Depth too and silky tannins that the ageing in old barrels highlighted well.


Beaujolais is the bottle that you never hesitate to open, with charcuterie of course, but also with all the warm winter dishes: pot au feu, petit salé, potée...

Cellaring potential : 5 years.

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